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Encompass LOS Plugins may play a vital part in your system and can help with almost anything you want to simplify. However, if they’re not created right, they can do more harm than good. ATI’s Plug-in applications can play a vital role in your ability to automate end-user and system tasks.

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Find answers to common questions about our Encompass® Plugins

Encompass plugins are software extensions that integrate seamlessly with the Encompass mortgage origination platform. These plugins add new functionalities, automate tasks, and improve overall efficiency, allowing you to streamline your mortgage processes and enhance productivity.

Yes, our Encompass plugins are regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Encompass. We strive to provide you with reliable and up-to-date solutions for a smooth user experience.

The installation and activation process is simple. Our team will guide you through the steps to download and install the plugins. Once installed, you can activate them within the Encompass platform with just a few clicks.

Our Encompass plugins offer a wide range of functionalities, including document generation, automated underwriting, compliance checks, reporting and analytics, integrations with third-party services, and more. Each plugin is designed to address specific needs and optimize your mortgage origination workflow.

Absolutely! We understand that each mortgage organization has unique needs. Our team can provide custom development services to tailor the plugins according to your specific business requirements.

Yes, we prioritize data security and compliance. Our Encompass plugins adhere to industry standards and best practices to ensure the protection of sensitive mortgage data.

Our team of experts can assess your specific requirements and recommend the most suitable plugins based on your workflow and business goals. We’ll work with you to ensure you get the best-fit solutions.

No, our Encompass plugins are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They are intuitive and easy to use, allowing your team to leverage their functionalities without extensive technical knowledge.

Our Encompass plugins are built with a focus on user experience, performance, and reliability. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions that have been widely adopted by mortgage organizations. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement sets us apart as a trusted partner in the industry.

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