Loan Assignment Manager $3,495

Do you require assistance in creating manual Notice of Assignment documents? Are you facing challenges in managing intricate investor information within the lending realm?

We understand your situation. However, there’s no need to be concerned; we’ve already implemented measures to streamline your experience.


    In the fast-paced world of mortgage lending, managing loan assignments and ensuring accurate communication with borrowers can be daunting. Manually generating Notice of Assignment documents and juggling investor information can lead to errors, delays, and a less-than-optimal borrower experience. Lenders need a solution simplifying these processes while maintaining compliance and data integrity.


    Our Notice of Assignment Form/Loan Assignment Manager plugin answers your loan assignment challenges. Integrated with Encompass® LOS, this plugin automates the creation of Notice of Assignment documents and streamlines the investor assignment process. Say goodbye to manual data entry errors and welcome a new era of efficiency.

    Features of Encompass® Loan Assignment Manager

    Auto-Generated Notice of Assignment

    Choose an investor for a loan, and watch as the plugin automatically populates the Notice of Assignment document with the relevant investor's information.

    Investor Information Configuration

    Set up investor profiles and information in the configuration file, ensuring accurate and consistent data every time.

    Assignment History Tracking

    Keep track of the history of loan assignments, making it easy to access and reference past transactions.

    Seamless Integration

    The plugin seamlessly integrates into your Encompass® environment, providing a smooth and familiar user experience.

    Compliance Assurance

    Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements by relying on the plugin's standardized and accurate assignment processes.

    Benefits of Encompass® Loan Assignment Manager

    Time Savings:

    Eliminate manual data entry and reduce the time spent generating Notice of Assignment documents.


    Minimize errors and discrepancies with automated data population, enhancing the quality of borrower communications.


    Streamline the loan assignment workflow and focus on more strategic tasks.

    Risk Mitigation:

    Reduce the risk of compliance violations and legal issues related to inaccurate or delayed borrower notifications.

    Don’t let manual processes hold you back – embrace automation and efficiency with our advanced plugin

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