Encompass® Customization Services

Does your lending business necessitate technological changes, improvements, and additional enhancements?

With extensive decades of involvement in the mortgage sector, our proficient developers comprehend the obstacles that your lending procedures encounter. We possess the tailored solution your Encompass® requires. Join forces with us in our collaborative endeavor to automate and redefine your loan origination system.

    Custom Solutions For Your Lending Platform

    Once your Encompass® instance is in place, we have the capability to enhance it with the specific additional features you desire. Our customization services involve a thorough analysis of your mortgage company’s operations, followed by the creation of tools using Encompass® SDK development. This approach not only conserves your valuable time and resources but also ensures the delivery of an ultimate version of the end product, finely tuned to your requirements.

    Prior to initiating any customization endeavors, our team of experts in mortgage solution development undertakes a comprehensive analysis and identification of requirements, leaving no aspect unexamined. This underscores the significance of upholding a quality assessment during the implementation process, as well as the recognition and understanding of business needs and administration.

    The final outcome is a set of custom Encompass® solutions that are swift, effective, and dependable, seamlessly executing every facet of your lending process.

    Endless Customization Possibilities

    Our Encompass® customization service resembles a sizable cookie composed of these smaller segments.

    Encompass® SDK Development Services

    SDKs (Software Development Kits) are sets of tools, libraries, and documentation that enable developers to build custom applications or integrations with your Encompass® LOS. These SDKs provide a standardized way to interact with the Encompass® platform, allowing developers to create custom features, automate processes, or integrate with other external systems.


    Utilities refer to custom scripts, tools, or programs that assist with specific tasks or processes of your loan originating system. We create them to streamline workflows, perform data manipulations, generate reports, or handle repetitive tasks, saving time and improving efficiency.


    Plugins are custom extensions or modules that add new features or functionality to your Encompass® LOS. Our plugins integrate with your existing system, enhancing your experience or allowing you to access additional tools specific to your needs. If you can't find a plugin your organization requires, we can develop one for you!

    API Development:

    This LOS customization service involves creating custom interfaces that allow external systems or applications to interact with Encompass®. APIs enable data exchange and communication between Encompass® and other systems, such as CRM tools, accounting systems, or document management platforms.


    Whether you’re venturing into Encompass® for the
    first time or seeking to refine your current configuration,
    count on us for exceptional solutions

    Our Hand-Crafted Plugins & Solutions Make Your Encompass® Instance Better


    Discover the transformative power of these incredible tools that fit into your loan-originating system. Built with security and compliance in mind, our plugins adhere to industry standards to safeguard sensitive loan data.

    Mortgage Loan Origination Systems We Serve

    Our experts can work on every major LOS to make your mortgage operations swift.

    Looking For Something Else?

    Find answers to common questions about our Encompass® Customization Services
    An Encompass SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of tools that allows developers to build custom solutions and extend Encompass® LOS functionalities. It benefits your business by tailoring Encompass® to your needs, automating processes, and integrating with other software systems.
    The Encompass SDK empowers the creation of various tailored solutions, including workflows, data validation modules, custom reports, and automated document generation for Encompass® LOS.
    Yes, by leveraging Encompass® platform development services and APIs, we can help establish communication between your Encompass® and external applications.
    The development timeline for custom Encompass® solutions can vary based on the complexity and scope of the project. We’ll provide an estimated timeframe after working closely with your team to understand your requirements.
    Yes, ATI is committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance. We understand software systems require updates, enhancements, and occasional bug fixes. Our team will assist you with any issues that may arise to ensure smooth operation over time.

    If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to reach out.

    We are Mortgage-Minded Individuals

    Our team consists of certified Encompass® developers with expertise in Next Gen API, SDK, and Encompass Developer Connect™. ATI’s custom services for your Encompass® instance can give you a significant competitive advantage over your competitors by enhancing system capabilities, improving quality, reducing errors, and saving time.

    With ATI you have the flexibility to leverage Encompass® SDK programming at any stage, whether during the initial implementation, when encountering inaccuracies, or to fine-tune and streamline your organization’s loan origination process.

    Therefore, let’s engage in a conversation to explore the extent of excellence we can infuse into your loan origination system.


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